Responsive Website & App


DrawSplash was a full-service, e-commerce platform that allowed users to buy, sell, and create their own custom clothing online.

The Problem

Both the e-commerce site and the design lab were dated and in need of a refresh. There were also new features coming down the pipeline, with no place to go in the old design.

While a great tool itself, the design lab was initially built without its target audience in mind. Users were overwhelmed with all the options presented before them and often required help with designs or converting assets.

The Goal

The e-commerce platform needed a flexible template that would allow our customers to grow their online stores with ease. The design lab also needed a complete UX overhaul that catered to our target audience.

The Process

We always kicked off a new project or feature with a whiteboarding session. Our CEO would relay client feedback and feature requests and we would sketch out solutions. The CTO and a back-end developer were also present to make sure that everything was possible from a technical point of view.

With our target user in sight, we focused on streamlining the custom design process. We wanted our users to travel through the site in a linear fashion, having to make as few decisions as possible at once.

DrawSplash design lab wireframes

The Solution

Not only did I get to design the final product, I also lent a hand with the front-end development of the app.

We broke down the e-commerce experience down into a step-by-step process with a progress bar indicator. We also created a whole new flow for users to input to custom names and numbers.

DrawSplash design lab mockup

This eventually lead them to the main experience, the design lab. In addition to the features that we already provided users, we also wanted to provide them with a library of vector images that they could easily add to their design.

DrawSplash design lab mockup

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