Project Overview

Live View is a monthly photography magazine that I created for my editorial class. I designed a magazine that would incorporate a compelling editorial and branding solution, delivering 3 magazine covers, 12 magazine spines, a letter from the editor, masthead, table of contents, 3 spread feature article, and 1 spread article.

One of my favourite hobbies and greatest passions is digital photography, so I knew right away that was what I wanted my magazine to be about. At first, I considered delving into a specific type of photography, such as food, travel, or architecture, but having a broad subject left me more options for the magazine’s content.

Live View is a general photography magazine that contains tips and techniques, cameras and gear, featured photographers, and award-winning photographs. Photography is a popular hobby, but I believe men are more interested in reading about industry trends and technology than women. For that reason, the target audience for this magazine is young men ages 25-35.

Ensuring the magazine’s title related to photography was a challenge, because many of the common terms are already taken. I ended up choosing Live View, which implies the magazine contains fresh and trending content, providing the target audience with insight into the photography industry.

With the target audience in mind, Live View was designed to look more masculine. It features chunky slab serif typefaces for the headers, and clean sans serif typefaces for the body copy. The justified, sans serif type also wraps nicely around the photographs, which were all taken by me. The colours (dark blue, light blue, green, and orange) were also chosen because of their association with masculinity and technology.


Editorial Photography


Illustrator InDesign Photoshop Nikon D7100