Project Overview

Let'z is a community of LGBTQ women who want to bring other LGBTQ women in Toronto together! By providing an accepting, welcoming space where you are encouraged to come and be yourself, we get one step closer to giving all LGBTQ women a voice. At Let'z we truly believe that by connecting women together we will unite and strengthen the LGBTQ community as a whole.

Let'z is here to connect you to your local LGBTQ community. We are going to be updating you on all things LGBTQ: from bringing you the latest in the party scene, to hosting events all over the city, to directing you to resources when you decide it's time to have a baby, to featuring some serious and some hilarious blog posts from our queer writers. We are here to earn the title of being your one-stop shop for anything related to LGBTQ women!

Alex and I came together as two women who wanted to make the LGBTQ community a whole lot easier for everyone! Having come out at different stages in our lives, we both struggled in finding our voice, our LGBTQ friends and, most importantly, our identity. We both found ourselves wishing that the whole process was a bit easier. What we wanted was to be able to go to one place as a point of reference, one place that would show us that we were not alone and that there were plenty of other women like us out there. That’s when the idea for Let’z TO came to us—and now we are bringing it to you.


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