Project Overview

DrawSplash partners with educational institutions to help manage their retail process, including product sourcing and online retail sales, using a custom ordering system that enables users to easily upload, select, or draw a design and “splash” it onto articles of clothing. As the only designer on the DrawSplash team, I was tasked with redesigning many of the company’s core products.

For DrawSplash’s corporate site, I used a professional, attractive design to feature the company’s products. I designed it to appeal to a corporate audience, targeting clients interested in a one-stop-shop experience. The website runs on Bootstrap, and I also learned SASS for this project.


Interaction Front-End UI/UX Web


Bootstrap HTML Photoshop SASS

Clients can upload their products and manage sales using DrawSplash’s order management system, which follows a template that their branding is added to. When I designed this system, I had DrawSplash’s older client base in mind, so some of its features include larger fonts and larger buttons. It’s easy to use so that clients can manage their online stores.

DrawSplash’s core product is an e-commerce website that is customizable for clients. I redesigned this site, which can be tweaked for clients with their branding, products, etc. The site’s design is therefore flexible to suit client needs, and also runs on Bootstrap and SASS.

The DesignLab is DrawSplash’s web app that people can use to create their own custom clothing online. Because the target users for this app are students, the app follows a very linear process. You pick your item, select the quantity, and add your own designs and text. I broke the process down as much as possible so that it was easy to use, since students don’t want to spend a lot of time figuring it out. The interface is extremely straightforward and mobile-friendly, because although this is a web app, many of DesignLab’s users are accessing it through smartphones or tablets.