Project Overview

For corporate design class, I re-branded Disney Cruise Lines, creating a visual identity manual that defines the brand strategy, brand elements, and brand applications.

For the guidelines book, I designed the brandmark, colour palette, typography, icons, patterns, stationery, MyMagic+ Experience (Disney-specific), employee apparel, and vehicle livery.

The brand’s keywords are magical, whimsical, friendly, engaging, diverse, innovative, unique and entertaining. With these in mind, the branding fits a blue colour scheme inspired by the depth of the ocean, and the secondary colour scheme follows the colours of Mickey Mouse, the brand’s flagship character. The corporate applications of this design include the primary blue colour scheme, whereas products targeted to consumers would use the secondary colour scheme. The icons are designed with thin lines and soft corners to appear friendly and youthful, and patterns were created with icons and lines representing the waves of the ocean.

The coach bus design was based off the cruise ship design and uses similar elements.


Branding Photography Print


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