Project Overview

“More doing, less time managing.”

When I was looking for time-management apps for personal use, I kept running into the same issues: many were convoluted and not user-friendly, or were specific to time or project management. I realized I was spending more time thinking about organizing than I did actually getting organized.

This gave me the idea for Focus, my design thesis project at George Brown College. It is user-friendly productivity tool designed to combine both project and time management. The application features function rather than convention, and is based on user requirements and online feedback.

A lot of people are afraid of using time-management tools—a lot of the feedback I received was about how productivity apps are intimidating, confusing and it was easier to just do it manually. I want Focus to be intuitive and appealing to a variety of people, so I chose a blue script font for the brandmark. Script fonts have a friendlier feel than harsh sans serifs or formal serifs, and blue is a calming, trustworthy colour. I chose a lighter shade that looked less corporate, but still felt like a reliable brand.

“It’s as easy as pen and paper.”

Since it was borne out of my necessities, Focus is extremely user-friendly and designed from scratch. The app design is based on familiar apps, software, and websites, making it unlike conventional productivity tools. Focus is easy to use because the design comes from things people use every day.

I created promotional materials with the slogan “It’s as easy as pen and paper.” because it hones in on why many people aren’t using productivity tools—they believe pen and paper is easier to use. One of the materials was a combination pen/stylus, because it illustrates the app’s ease of use (pen), and how you might actually use it (stylus for a mobile app).

Although it was created for my design thesis, Focus is a project I plan to further develop.


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