Project Overview

Circle Sans is a novelty sans serif font I designed for my typography class. It is a unicase typeface consisting of 26 letters, 10 numbers, 4 punctuation, 3 dingbats, and alternative glyphs.

The font’s most noticeable characteristics are the circular accents and unique stroke widths, making this typeface an elegant hybrid between serif and sans serif. Its simple, yet decorative design makes it a perfect choice for headlines, and the geometric forms of each glyph make it easy to turn words into an elegant pattern.

I wanted my typeface to be simple, yet complex, focusing on candid, meticulous, and practical attributes. It was important that it could be used in many different ways and in different styles.

Circle Sans is based off Myriad, because I find reading sans serif typefaces to be easier and faster. I incorporated strokes that transition from thin to thick—something usually only seen in serif typefaces—because I felt that gave it more visual interest. Each glyph is accented by circles, giving the typeface its unique look and its name.

I also created 3 announcement cards and an animated video for this project. The video was done in Flash using ActionScript 3, and the song is “Shooting Stars” by Bag Raiders.


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Action Script 3 Flash Illustrator